Islamophobic Cover Of Newsweek Mon Sep 17 23:34:28 JST 2012

Glenn Greenwald: US media angrily marvels at the lack of Muslim gratitude



You've got to be kidding: Cover of Newsweek is "Muslim Rage: How I Survived it. How We Can End It" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Newsweek gives its cover to vile Islamophobic self-promoter Ayaan Hirsi Ali to promote bogus "clash of civilizations"


Complete collapse of Newsweek into stupid sensationalism highlights how good @TimeWorld has been over last year cc@TonyKaron


Newsweek indulges in hysteria, using a devoted Islamophobe and proven liar to do it via... everyone.


Wonder if news orgs that use Hirsi Ali as a go-to analyst re: all things Islam would also give Gilad Atzmon a similar platform re: Judaism?


The US spends more than a decade screaming "We're at war!," justifying endless violence, then bats its eyes: "why are they so angry at us?"


Just above Newsweek's Hirsi Ali banner: "Power Women of the CIA" HT @eamonmurphy1


Wow @MaxBlumenthal defends Jihad while slamming one of its most vocal victims. He must not like uppity women. #GoodDhimmi


Folks, don't get angry with Newsweek, start a hashtag.#NewsweekCovers ? Joe McCarthy: How to survive communism + picture of angry Russians.


#NewsweekCovers crazed shoppers trampling one another to death after camping all night outside a Walmart--America, how I survived it


Why are so many of those pesky Muslims in farwaway lands always so darned angry? (h/t @anBhanna)


In its own ugly way, this Nwesweek cover is almost as inflammatory as the Muhammad video itself:


#NewsweekCovers How to survive St Patrick's Day with scary freckles.


@ggreenwald Unfair. Don't u remember all of the "American Rage" covers with screaming white people that Newsweek has done? After 9/11, Iraq


@ggreenwald I somehow doubt Newsweek would do a cover story on women health clinic bomber Eric Rudolph and title it "Christian Rage"


Author of Newsweek's "Muslim Rage" cover story on terrorist Anders Breivik "He had no other choice but to use violence"


Yep - the awful dilemma: RT @jackshafer Every time you tweet about a Newsweek cover, @TheTinaBeast giggles.


MT @SubMedina: Author of Newsweek's "Muslim Rage" cover: Anders Breivik "had no other choice but to use violence"


Author of Newsweek "Muslim rage" cover Ayaan Hirsi Ali called for Islam to be "defeated"


Edward Said already wrote the perfect takedown of Hirsi Ali, but in response to her hero Samuel Huntington:

useful and scholarly article debunking the Islamophobic myths around Muhammad and Aisha // via@AssedBaig



Botched drone strike in rada, #yemen that led to 10 dead civilians 2 weeks ago keeps coming up in my convos abt thursday events in Sanaa.


@MaxBlumenthal Edward Said's anti-Huntington piece is a great takedown of embassy attackers and Salafi extremists, too


Interviewing Deepa Kumar this week abt her Islamophobia book. Newsweek gives us one more thing to discuss.

Take a look at Newsweek hashtag #MuslimRage...RT @RobinWigg: When Will heard about those Kate snaps.


Newsweek publishes cover story on "Muslim Rage" by an apologist for anti-Muslim terrorism.


@JNaureckas Beginning to think it's time to stop pretending Newsweek is Newsweek. That magazine no longer exists.


The new Newsweek cover: "Muslim Rage." Back in February, cover story by same author: Islam's "War on Christians."


Next week's #newsweekcover - Jewish Rage: How Israelis Are Lynching Non-Jews, How Mainstream Media Covers It Up:


Newsweek trolls again with MUSLIM RAGE via @Salon


Is @Newsweek just adding fuel to the fire w/ its #MuslimRage cover?@CenkUygur talks to @BagNewsNotes' Michael Shaw tonight at 7e/4p.


I seem to recall Newsweek once a serious publication or is my memory playing tricks with me after meeting so many cross Muslims?#MuslimRage


"A dying magazine has managed to outrage & alienate potential readers with latest attention-grabbing move" #MuslimRage



13 Powerful Images of #MuslimRage which Newsweek forgot:


Newsweek: from Black Rage to #MuslimRage via @Phan_N


Another Newsweek cover redux--before Hirsi Ali, Fareed Zakaria played the native informant


--- and Joe Scarborough ---

Joe Scarborough explains that they hate us not because of anything we've done, but because it's just how "they" are


After Scarborough's diatribe against every person in the Muslim world, Mika Brzezinski appears to agree with him


Joe Scarborough Talks to “Intelligence People,” Unloads Anti-Muslim Rant #joescarborough #billoreilly #tcot @msnbc


MT @SubMedina: Author of Newsweek's "Muslim Rage" cover: Anders Breivik "had no other choice but to use violence"


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