RIP Aaron Swartz - Sun Jan 13 13:37:58 JST 2013

There is no way to express this sadness. @aaronsw RIP.


Was very very lucky to know @aaronsw. A brilliant mind, a righteous heart and a gentle soul.


So sad to hear about @aaronsw RIP


This is so unbelievably sad and horrible on so many levels - RIP@aaronsw  (via @Lessig )


Here's a young Aaron Swartz chatting with @lessig:


"Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity." RIP @aaronsw


Moving and poignant: RT @doctorow My obit for Aaron Swartz:


For those who don't know: here's a great article by @binarybitsabout the wildly excessive prosecution of Aaron Swartz


Go read it. Powerful. RT @sunil_abraham: Guerilla Open Access Manifesto by @aaronsw  #A2K #openness


@upwithchris @chrislhayes excellent discussion on TARP and geitner's legacy


Remembering Aaron Swartz, by @doctorow … via @carlzimmer


RIP, Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz's brief but brilliant life was dedicated to the access of information. Read his own words, an inspiration


My obit for Aaron Swartz: …


Internet activist, target of intense govt prosecution who wrestled w/ depression, committed suicide—RIP, Aaron Swartz


Like so many ppl in my feed, I'm totally torn up over the loss of@aaronsw. Among other things he was great writer:


Quinn Norton eulogizes Aaron Swartz, hacktivist who committed suicide yesterday  via @gregorylent


@aaronsw on @chrislhayes -


Trying to concentrate on TEDx but periodically unable due to sadness & anger over death of Aaron Swartz


1 of most endearing & empathetic things about Aaron was he was constantly trying to democratize genius. He wanted everyone to be as curious


.@Lessig at his best on what Aaron was facing: …


Saddened to hear of the death at 26 of Aaron Swartz (@aaronsw), who I never met but whose work I and so many others will always respect. RIP


If you're in DC and want to talk about Aaron Swartz, come to Local 16 at 4:30pm today. We're remember and reminisce. RIP,@aaronsw


It's really hard not to let sadness over Aaron Swartz give way to anger over what the government was doing to him


Aaron Swartz F2C2012 keynote - "How we stopped SOPA"  (via @GeorgieBC)


NYT obituary of Aaron Swartz  (via @ravisomaiya)


Larry @Lessig on Aaron Swartz's suicide and the DOJ's bullying of him:


Aaron would have wanted us to remember that millions face the deep stress of unjust prosecutions.


aaron swartz may have made the right choice. life in prison w/rape ought to upset us more, not go unnoticed


MT @CarrieM213: The best piece I've read about #AaronSwartztoday. Read it. "RIP, Aaron Swartz"  via @BoingBoing


Agree w/ @matthewstoller here re: Aaron Swartz - it is psychologically torturous in ways large and small: …


Wow. @chrislhayes Check out Aaron's last Tweets. He got it, and we'll keep pushing in his memory.


Rick Perlstein's eulogy for Aaron Swartz is deeply moving. …


"Prosecutor as bully": In re @aaronsw …


The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz


Genius internet activist #AaronSwartz commits suicide at 26, destroyed by US' two-tiered "justice" system: … @ggreenwald


Glenn Greenwald: "The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz" RIP...


The prosecutor as bully and the shame of Aaron Swartz's death by@lessig  He was close to the events. [corrected tweet]


The official statement of Aaron Swartz's family - read the second-to-last paragraph


"Aaron’s death .. is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach" …


The official statement of Aaron Swartz's family - read the second-to-last paragraph


Why does govt always harass folks like aaron swartz or tim dechristoper, but not, say, goldman sachs? shame! …


First Becky, now Aaron. Let's hold our fierce, change-making friends close, please?


Aaron Swartz is an inspiration who gave up his liberty to fight for the freedom of others. @ggreenwald on his heroism:


Family of Aaron Swartz releases statement on his death, pulls no punches about responsibility of MIT & prosecutors …


If you think the feds' ridiculous, bloody computer crimes prosecution of @aaronsw was an anomaly, you haven't been paying attention.


Hoppe the death of @aaronsw torpedoes Carmen M. Ortiz career. Everywhere she goes she should be reminded of the consequences of her actions


@nytjim @aaronsw Furious that bankers go free, yet the US Gov goes after this guy with a vengeance. Way to go, Carmen M. Ortiz!#not


FWIW, Carmen Ortiz just runs the US Attorney's office in MA. Stephen Heymann is the Assistant US Attorney going hard after Aaron Swartz.


The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz


Deeply saddened by the loss of Aaron Swartz. I was privileged to work w/him on PIPA/SOPA. His advocacy for the greater good will be missed.


RIP Aaron Swartz. He wrote for Extra! on Rachel Carson … and undercover reporting …


Aaron Swartz's family: "death is not simply personal tragedy.. product of criminal justice system rife w intimidation" 


Aaron Swartz should have never faced kind of vindictive govt prosecution he suffered. When people like him are targeted, we must speak up


Here's the petition to fire the prosecutor/persecutor who wanted to put Aaron Swartz away for 32 years …


"It is about making it to 30, or maybe even 50, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head." - David F. Wallace, spotted on@aaronsw blog


Reactions to the death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz


JSTOR on the death of @aaronsw: “The case is one that we ourselves had regretted being drawn into from the outset.” …


Greenwald: The inspiring heroism of #AaronSwartz … petition: …



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