RIP Aaron Swartz 3 - Tue Jan 15 21:35:26 JST 2013

RT @CJSprigman The WSJ's latest piece suggests that the DOJ persecution was a direct cause of Aaron's death.


TODAY: Remembering the life and work of cyber-activist, computer programmer and writer @aaronsw  @lessig


Aaron is the second person I actually knew who was killed for his ideals. The 1st was Brad WIll. Somehow I keep thinking of Brad too now


2 days before local cops arrested Aaron Swartz in January 2011, the Secret Service took over the Swartz investigation.


I would ask Obama what he's going to do to rein in overzealous prosecutors. … RIP Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz faced a longer prison term than murderers, slave dealers and bank robbers


The government is so scared of people like Aaron Swartz because computer skills is one weapon they don't have a monopoly on.


"An Incredible Soul": Lawrence @Lessig Remembers Aaron Swartz After Leading Cyberactivist's Suicide


How the government's prosecution of Aaron Swartz pushed him toward death


And now the inevitable conspiracy theories: Aaron Swartz "murdered."


VIDEO: Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) in his own words, on the fight to save an open Internet …


Here's my profile of Aaron Swartz's politics. …


@atatuda22 Two Days Before #MIT and Cambridge Cops Arrested #AaronSwartz#SecretService Took Over the Investigation …


Lessing talks to HuffPost Live about the prosecution of Aaron Swartz …


"10 Awful Crimes That Get You Less Prison Time Than What Aaron Swartz Faced for Freeing JSTOR Articles"  via@AlterNet


Somehow tragic death of Aaron Swartz takes me back to this early Beth Orton song.


In Memory of Internet Activist Aaron Swartz: Parents Say US Justice System "rife with intimidation"


Moving and through-provoking essay on the politics of Aaron Swartz, by his friend @matthewstoller


Freedom to Connect: Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) on Victory to Save Open Internet, Fight Online Censors


Anonymous Honors Aaron Swartz by Hacking MIT: Anonymous added its own to the growing number of online ... @Truthdig


10 Awful Crimes That Get You Less Prison Time Than What Aaron Swartz Faced for Freeing JSTOR Articles: …


#AaronSwartz was on the vanguard. Will his death be a spark for revolutionary change? My latest on @truthout … #OWS


New Show: Aaron Swartz suicide, Lance will admit doping, gun nut's permit suspended after viral video, much more...


Aaron Swartz's last Alyona Show appearance. He was smiling and laughing. This is how I will remember him. …


So disgusting RT @janehamsher And then there were the people who helpfully spewed bile on #AaronSwartz as a "grifter"


Excellent @democracynow segment on @aaronsw …


#AaronSwartz, a Spark in Life and Death … @thom_hartmann @samsacks


RT @lessig #EFF has some great thinking about fixing computer crime law: … … @aaronsw


Will be going over top stories w @jacobsoboroff and talking@aaronsw w/ @xor on @HuffPostLive at 6 PM ET -- Tune in! …


As Aaron Swartz's case got close to trial, the plea bargain deals got worse …


No one else had Aaron Swartz's combination of skills, vision, energy & generosity. Now no one does.


In just a few minutes I'll be on Huffington Post Live, talking about@aaronsw …


Obama admin forgives torturers. Aaron Swartz wanted to free information; that was unforgiveable. @jnaureckas writes: …


In wake of Aaron Swartz's death, let's fix draconian computer crime law:


Prosecutor pursued #AaronSwartz for publicity. "Was going to be tough guy & read his name in newspaper"


And now-- the inevitable conspiracy theories: Aaron Swartz "murdered."


#BreakingTheSet: Treasury Nominee Jack Lew Exposed, Deadly#Iran Sanctions, #Gitmo Guard Speaks Out, RIP #AaronSwartz: …


One of the best things I've read on Aaron Swartz & why the govt went after him so hard, by @zephoria


U.S. attorney under fire over suicide of Aaron Swartz


Remembering Aaron Swartz -  #p2 #p21#JusticeForAaronSwartz


this just in: Ortiz dismisses charges against Aaron Swartz for being dead.


The petition to remove Aaron Swartz's persecutor is very close to 25k signatures …


@cenkuygur Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz. …


WH petition to remove Carmen Ortiz for prosecutorial abuse has > 25,000 signatures  - should include Stephen Heymann



and links scraped from Twitter hashtag #pdftribute are here:  - #pdftribute



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