Hugo Chávez Dies - Wed Mar 6 22:47:24 JST 2013

BREAKING: President Hugo Chávez is dead, Venezuela's vice president announces via @nytimesworld


RT @Reuters: WATCH LIVE: Venezuelan Vice President Maduro announces death of President Hugo Chavez


BREAKING: Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro says President Hugo Chavez has died.


Viva Chavez! Viva la revolucion!


Breaking: Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has died, reports Vice President Nicolas Maduro.


What we can learn about democracy from #Venezuela, and why the US media lies about #Chavez …#ChavezRIP


Hugo Chavez has died. Read our recent #FocalPoint on his legacy and how Venezuela will move on. …


Really upset to hear of Chavez's death. Ignore his ignorant critics. A democratically elected fighter for the poor …


BBC News - Venezuela's Hugo Chavez dead at 58 -  << RIP companero


LENIN'S TOMB: Venezuela in the 21st Century -


My abiding memory of Venezuela: the inhabitants of newly built housing in Caracas banging pots and pans in celebration of Chavez's election


@OwenJones84 His oil financed policies brought subsidised food & free health clinics to long neglected slums. He was a man of the people.


Who would you like to see us interview about the legacy of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez? or reply #DNlive


Well, Chavez did help produce the country's greatest cultural export: Gustavo Dudamel.


Hugo Chavez used his country's wealth to improve the lives of Venezuela's poor. This made US elites furious.


Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!! Hugo Chavez has died 4.25 pm, the best homage is to defend the revolution is complete -...


U.S. newspapers cheered the 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez as a 'pro-democracy move.' …


Main story: Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, dies in Caracas


Chavez: BBC News makes its 'impartial' stance clear


The Guardian's Rory Carroll, whose book on Chavez comes out on*Thursday*, writes about Venezuela's uncertain future. …

Sad to hear about Chavez a man who genuinely improved the health and education of the poor.


Hugo Chávez Dies of Cancer …


Hugo Chavez has died …


Amidst all the anti-#Chavez propaganda that will pollute the#MSM, here's some facts about his presidency …


Lots in top stories today w/ @SabrinaSiddiqui @mmhastings - Chavez, DOJ on killing Americans on US soil & more! …


That time Newsweek compared Chavez to Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. It was a news story. …


Venezuela: Hugo Chávez’s Authoritarian Legacy


This @KeaneBhatt piece from Extra! last year helps explain US corporate media's unrelenting hostility to Hugo Chavez.


.@OwenJones84 on Hugo Chavez for @IndyVoices in October: 'A democratically elected fighter for the poor'


From our archives. Chavez and the media - tilting the balance against the 'bad guy'. Same to come now, of course


If you want to know more about Venezuelan human rights before Hugo Chavez, type 'Caracazo' into google images. With a strong stomach.


Download and watch @Greg_Palast film on #HugoChavez, get an understanding why the US disliked #Chavez


From the archives: 'But' Or 'And'? Reporting Chavez, Obama, Biden, Miliband, Cameron


I also trust those damning Venezuela's foreign policy are damning our support for dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Jordan etc


Chávez claimed that he'd only joined the army to play baseball  #archives


“Reread @newyorker on #Chavez”—Everyone @chashomans@AdamWeinstein @AlecMacGillis, etc. But! @JNaureckas on outrage:


Slavoj Žižek: 'What should we say to someone like Chávez?'  #archives


Hugo Chavez Dead: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died following a long battle with cancer. He ...  @Truthdig


Brilliant piece on Iife and death of Hugo Chávez, the poor boy from the plains who became a leftwing figurehead


'THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED' - Irish documentary covering the US coup against #Chavez  #vinb


From the archives: Ridiculing Chavez - The Media Hit Their Stride - Parts 1 and 2


Chavez: just look at this article title from the Guardian  (@ngood77)


On occasion of Hugo Chavez's death, worth recalling role of US-gov linked NGO's (NED, IRI) in coup plot to oust him:


.@lukeakehurst Poverty has halved under Chavez, who has won 13 elections deemed free by Jimmy Carter among others


.@lukeakehurst Given your idol Tony Blair is being paid $13m a year to work for dictatorship of Kazakhstan, maybe learn some humility


Reaction to Hugo Chávez's death here, with up-to-the-minute updates:


Hugo Chavez has died. Here's a piece @OwenJones84 wrote from Venezuela on the President last year


Doubters/haters of #Chavez shud listen to @grahamemorris@OwenJones84 @HackneyAbbott election monitors in #Venezuela- democratic socialism


I saw Hugo Chavez speak in Managua, 2007, and wrote this touching on his role in Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega: …


Hugo Chavez had a vision that was based on humanity, not greed. He was a true friend of the poor who stood up to neocolonial bullies. #RIP


Chávez's presidency characterized by concentration of power, open disregard for basic human rights guarantees


Watch the several interviews Democracy Now! had with Hugo Chávez:  (video includes complete transcripts)#Venezuela


While you hear talk of #Chavez the dictator, remember that our sec of state was meeting w/actual "friendly" Saudi dictators yesterday.


.@lukeakehurst Given Blair's record on civil liberties how would he have responded to a Pinochet-style coup military coup like Chavez faced?


Picture of #Chavez in the pouring rain at final rally gives a taste of his last election campaign in October


RIP Hugo Chávez


Long live the Bolivarian revolution. Those who thought this was about just one man are going to be very disappointed


People on the Labour party right-wing expressing their distaste for Chavez but never raised a squeak about Blair arming the Saudis. That.


Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez dies -


"That Chavez was such a dictator" declare media bots who look the other way on 12 years of war and indefinite detention of American citizens


What You Won't Hear About Hugo #Chavez in the Establishment Press


Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, dies in hospital in Cuba


My thoughts on Chavez and (more importantly) Bolivarian Venezuela, written in 2009


In January, @greg_palast wrote about Big Oil, Big Ketchup & "The Assassination of Hugo #Chavez …#ChavezRIP


Discussing Chavez's death on CNN, Larry King told Wolf Blitzer: "Maybe Obama had a cancer drone."


My family took in Chilean refugees in the 70s who were raped and whose relatives were murdered by a genuine dictatorship backed by our ex-PM


Media outlet #Chavez 'censored' was Instrumental in coup…If CNN tried to overthrow Obama, how would govt react?


Embracing Abusive Governments - #Chávez rejected internat'l efforts to promote human rights in other countries


2006 7-part youtube video playlist of Tariq Ali on Chavez & the Bolivar revolution: …


Only few hours after Chavez's death announced, Forbes blogger highlights how this is good for oil company


This post from the New Yorker's Jon Lee Anderson is a decent reflection on Hugo Chavez


President Hugo Chávez Dies


Greg Grandin's epic and extremely smart political obituary of Hugo Chavez: …


CBS News story obscures role of CIA in coup against Chavez that occurred during Bush Admin


Here's Greg Grandin's 2009 Interview With Hugo Chavez:


90% of establishment news stories on Chavez's death will probably mention coup against him without acknowledging US role


Greg Grandin's epic and extremely smart political obit of Hugo Chavez …


From the Guardian obituary on Hugo Chavéz …


Mark Weisbrot: From 2004-2011, extreme poverty in #Venezuelawas reduced by 2/3; poverty by about 1/2 #MuereChávez …


NYT: "Chávez long accused [US] of trying to undermine or even assassinate him" Context conspicuously missing


Disaster capitalists & rich free market ideologues are only too pleased Hugo Chavez has finally croaked:


Venezuela: El legado autoritario de Chávez …


I don't think "RIP" works for Chavez Remember the great words of Joe Hill who said of his own death 'Don't Mourn; Organise'


Progressive blogger takes Democratic congressman to task for praising Hugo Chavez after his death


Well, Chavez did help produce the country's greatest cultural export: Gustavo Dudamel. And funded youth orchestras.


That Democratic congressman praising Chavez is exception to rule. Most Democrats will not be celebrating Venezuelan leader


Nonetheless, progressive blogger felt need to rein in Democratic representative who had an impassioned radical moment for Chavez


Hugo #Chavez has died. Commiserations to his family & the people of #Venezuela .Tragedy for Latin America & Caribbean.


NPR: "Millions of Venezuelans loved him because he showered poor w/ social programs" He was kind of Strongman Oprah.


Jimmy Carter: "Never doubted Hugo Chávez's commitment to improving lives of millions of his fellow countrymen"


So many Venezuela experts among America's right-wing commentators! I had no idea.


RT @chrislhayes So many Venezuela experts among America's right-wing commentators! I had no idea.


#Venezuela: Hugo Chávez and the assault on judicial independence


I'm *really* looking forward to the Chavez discussion on@upwithchris this weekend.


"Hitlers" …


@OwenJones84 @jamiekilstein I grew up under Argentina's juntas & in Pinochet's Chile, & made the same point


It's even funnier with lowercase :-) RT @chrislhayes "Hitlers" … …


In case you're wondering how long before #Chavez is equated w/ Hitler… …


Hugo Chavez, Leader of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution, Dead at 58. A collection on Venezuela:


The don't-speak-ill-of-the-dead period seemed shorter for Chavez than for Reagan


Watch "South of the Border" on YouTube … #Chavez


Hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chavez will live forever in history. My friend, rest finally in a peace long earned. 2/2


.@washingtonpost on Chavez's death: What's next for Venezuela's socialist implants?


I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place. #Chavez 1/2


What you won't hear about Hugo Chavez in establishment press:  by @RaniaKhalek


#HugoChavez was a president that truly worked to uplift the poor in his country, unlike any president that has ever served for the USA. #RIP


Greg Grandin: Chavez calling Bush devil bothered US elites b/c demonizing enemy is treated as an American priviliege. …


Hugo Chavez declared the oil belonged 2 the ppl. He used the oil $ 2 eliminate 75% of extreme poverty, provide free health & education 4 all


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died, Vice President Maduro told the nation Tuesday.


#Venezuela: Hugo Chávez and the assault on press freedoms


Was #Chavez more dangerous than bin Laden? An actual CNN clip, from trailer for South of the Border cc@TheOliverStone …


#Chavez certainly had faults, but he's no monster like MSM says and deserves credit for his courage against US bullying, helping the poor.


Being vilified by the political & media establishment usually signifies you're a threat to US-corporate world hegemony. #Chavez


Comrade Chavez Viva!


I wish people realized how crucial it is to have leaders/countries opposing the corporate imperialist takeover of the world. #Chavez


In light of Hugo #Chavez's passing, I have put my #documentary@venrevfilm online. … … #vivachavez#venezuela


Chavez Dead - VP Accuses "Historical Enemies":


Thx for sending me a bunch of fox news talking points but my point stands & it's an undeniable fact that Chavez helped Venezuela's poorest.


"The words 'Venezuelan strongman' so often preceded his name..."-- Brian Williams kicks of NBC newscast #Chavez


RT @WSJ Venezuela expels U.S. Embassy official accused of plotting against government.


Libertarians equating Chavez to Pinochet: killing private capital is equal to killing thousands of people


You are a donkey, Mr. Danger, …. Viva Chavez!


"Many Americans viewed him as a dictator..." ABC report on#Chavez. Where did they get that idea, one wonders...


here a reasonable comment on Chavez--rather than mindless comments in some circles. He helped millions of poor …


Greg Grandin: On the legacy of Hugo Chávez


Left-wing mag remembers brutal S. American dictator as persecuted hero who saved Latin America. Oh, wait... Sorry! …


@RichardHaass will be on Morning Joe to discuss the long-neglected rich white American opinion on Chavez …


During failed US-backed coup to oust Chavez, the NY Times prematurely celebrated return of old oligarchy to power: …


Hugo Chávez y el Socialismo …


Hugo Chavez has died - long live the Venezuelan revolution! …


Chávez passes away


US-Venezuela ties start on bad footing post Chávez | The World


Venezuela: What next? | The World


Hugo Chávez kept his promise to the people of Venezuela


Real News: Chavez dead - VP accuses 'historical enemies'


‎"If the climate were a bank, it would have already been saved" - Hugo Chavez


Oil (again). A few reasons why Western corporate elites hated#Chavez, as corporate media coverage indicates


BBC: 'Hugo Chavez was a controversial figure in Venezuela and on the world stage'.  And Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron?


BBC obituary, opening line: 'Hugo Chavez divided opinion both at home and abroad.'  Like every political leader?


BBC: 'to his political opponents he was the worst type of autocrat... ruthlessly clamping down on any who opposed him'.


"I was a poor child, barefoot". John Pilger interviews Hugo Chavez in his 2007 film The War On Democracy …


Last words of BBC obituary: Chavez '"an illusionist, who could go down in history as just another despot."'


Why is #HugoChavez universally described as "controversial" whereas Cameron, for example, is not?


William Hague joins George Galloway, Ken Livingstone and Gerry Adams in paying tribute to Hugo Chavez -


Ecuador's growth sees more jobs/public services. #Chavezinspired fellow leaders to stand up for the people #olsx …


Compare BBC obituaries of Chavez and Reagan - opening and closing paragraphs


.@medialens also his opponents "hated the abuses of power *they accused him of*" (BBC's James Robbins' report on life of #Chavez)


Most reporting on #Chavez is rather disappointing. Need to look beyond his eccentricities to grasp legacy for Venezuela and the region.


1/2 The Independent reports 'The death of one of Latin America's most egotistical, bombastic and polarising leaders'


2/2 Was Chavez more 'egotistical' and 'polarising' than Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron? Are they described this way in news reports?


The Independent writes of ' the socialist state machine that Mr Chavez led'


Independent timeline: '2002 Protesters demand resignation..generals oust Chavez and clear way for interim government.' External involvement?


Venezuelan anarchists on the death of Chavez:


1/2 Guardian obit: 'debate continued as to whether Chávez could fairly be described as a dictator, but a democrat he most certainly was not'


Guardian 2/2 'cosy relations.. with dictators... would ultimately limit his appeal, even on the international left'.


Example of anti- #Chavez media: when in Caracas, I saw 100-strong anti-Chavez student demo. Next day, in France, this led international news


@medialens When Pinochet died @bbcnews' first sub-heading was 'Loved by many' …


@medialens Compare and contrast his obit of Chavez with his obit of IMF friend and Chavez predecessor Rafeal Caldera...


Compare Phil Gunson's Guardian obits of Chavez  and his predecessor as president Rafael Caldera


Tariq Ali on Hugo Chávez


When I started working in Latin America the US was still killing leaders it didn't like: Chavez is part of the order that put an end to that


Chavez tributes from @Unite4Len @BillyHayes_CWU@manuel_TSSA @OwenJones84 @jonsnowC4 @Kevin_Maguire  #Chavez


Hugo Chavez was a leader that understood the needs of the poor. He was committed to empowering the powerless. R.I.P. Mr. President.


Some questions re double standards to ponder over while reading the media's (predictably one-sided) coverage of the Chavez death... (1/4)


1) When Thatcher dies, will first response to her death be to focus on her close friendship with murderous dictator General Pinochet? (2/4)


2) When Blair dies, will first response of media to his death be to highlight his friendship & vacations with torturer Hosni Mubarak? (3/4)


3) When Bush dies, will first response of the media to his death be to highlight his hand-holding friendship with Saudi King Abdullah? (4/4)


& 1 last Chavez q: how authoritarian would Blair, Bush et al have become if they'd been victims of a military coup backed by parts of media?


BBC's attack chihuahua John Humphrys on Chavez


@medialens Latin America WISHES the USA neglected them! Better to be a neglected partner than an abused one.


‎"If the #climate were a bank, it would have already been saved" - Hugo #Chavez. RIP


1/2 Guardian: 'To the millions who detested him as a thug and charlatan, it will be occasion to bid.. good riddance.'


2/2 Guardian: Imagine a Guardian journalist writing that on the day a US president or UK prime minister died.


Clue to why Chavez was/is such a big deal for the West's corporate media: 'The world's biggest oil reserves'


Compare the Guardian's obits of Chavez  and Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz


Here's my new piece for @indyvoices following Hugo Chavez's death. A democrat and a champion for the poor …


@medialens @ImranGarda Yep. It is. No mention of human rights or democracy in Guardian obit for him: …


@medialens @ImranGarda 'People who knew Sultan praised his "strategic vision, the capacity to think big"'


Posh hacks at Daily Telegraph; 'I suppose we could ask Owen Jones to put the other point of view. Didn't he write a book called 'Chavez'?


Hugo Chavez was no dictator, says @owenjones84. He was elected time and again and lifted millions out of poverty


Guardian Chavez obit is WILDLY biased. Only mention of huge free health/education reform & poverty reduction: "populist social programmes".


Try finding anything in this Guardian obituary indicating that Chavez helped the poor in Venezuela


Mike Gonzalez, Hugo Chavez 1954-2013


@SaskiaSassen there is also this piece which compiles the achievements of chavez, especially in relation to the poor: …


The NPA on Chavez's death.




Chávez lifted millions out of poverty, and was far from being a dictator- @OwenJones84 for the Independent


TODAY: We host a roundtable discussion about the legacy of Hugo Chávez & the future of Venezuela.  Live 8-9 am ET


Thinking of Chavez today as I jot down obit notes. Bolivarian movt plays a crucial role in The Poorer Nations; it galvanized so many of us.


#Chavez led #LatinAmerica's transformation, delivered to#Venezuela's poor & showed alternatives in 21st century


@OwenJones84 was an observer at the Venezuelan election in October 2012. Here he is on Hugo Chavez for @IndyVoices -


Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray on Chavez and the corporate media smearing him today


Compare/contrast Obama's reax to death of unelected Saudi prince … with death of elected Chavez …


The Economist: Chávez was 'as reckless with his health as with his country’s economy and its democracy'


The Economist: 'To the end, Mr Chávez’s rule was narcissistic, with country and constitution subordinated to his whim.'


In case you missed: How did #Venezuela change under #chavez? Get the full data - visualised  #infographic


LIVE: @evagolinger: Chávez “left an extraordinary legacy, not just in his country, but around the world.” Stream


Watch the several interviews Democracy Now! had with Hugo Chávez:  (video includes complete transcripts)#Venezuela


The Economist: 'A majority of Venezuelans may eventually come to see that Mr Chávez squandered an extraordinary opportunity for his country'


@sophieraworth @medialens you referred to Chavez as a "controversial figure". You have never called Obama or Cameron controversial. Why?


LIVE: Greg Grandin discusses how Chávez led a remarkable movement against neoliberalism in the region. Stream


LIVE: @gregwilpert on how under Chávez, there was an increase in people participating in the democratic process.


Hugo Chavez was no saint, but his brand of socialism achieved serious economic gains …


LIVE: Michael Shifter: I don’t think Chávez really constructed an alternative after 14 years. Stream


Chavez wasnt hated by U.S. b/c of his human rights record - he was hated b/c his econ success indicts U.S. capitalism …


NYT on 2002 US-backed coup against Chavez: "Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator" …


Chavez success reducing poverty & unemployment is a record a legacy-crazed US president could only dream of achieving …


Join the conversation: What do you think about the legacy Hugo Chávez? Respond #DNlive or on Facebook


NYT on 2002 US-backed coup attempt at Chavez: "his removal was a purely Venezuelan affair"  v.


NYT on 2002 US-backed coup at Chavez: he "alienated virtually every constituency" - except majority of citizens (via@MarkAdomanis)


LIVE: Miguel Tinker Salas on role of oil in Chávez govt & "economic nationalism that spread throughout South America"


Real News Network: 'Chavez Democratized Venezuela Making it the Most Equal Country in Latin America'


Hugo Chávez kept his promise to the people of Venezuela | Oscar Guardiola-Rivera


Reminder: Media's favorite anti-#Chavez pundit Michael Shifter is funded by several govts & giant corporations. …



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