A Fearless Journalist Michael Hastings Died 2 - Wed Jun 19 23:16:49 JST 2013

RT @marcambinder: Michael Hastings, remembered http://shar.es/x5E4N 


moving tribute of Michael Hastings from Rachel Maddow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t09055aMA2I&feature=youtu.be …


LAPD confirms: the reported Hancock Park "fiery crash" was the one that cost Michael Hastings his life. http://bit.ly/12abOgw 


Rereading Michael Hastings' interview with Julian Assange http://fdl.me/11mINmn 


Rachel Maddow's very personal tribute to Michael Hastings tonight: http://bit.ly/12abOgw 


Ugh, the people posting Vince Foster style comments re Hastings death do a disservice to his no BS truth telling.


Michael Hastings' death sharpens my attitude toward those in journalism who have no problem w/ constantly covering for power


Journalist Michael Hastings Killed in Car Accident; A Look Back At His Interviews on Democracy Now! http://ow.ly/mayRa 


@PeteDominick@GregMitch: My piece at The Nation on death of Michael Hastings, and tributes to him. http://bit.ly/12abOgw 


Michael Hastings, 20 May 2013: We journalists "should withdraw all our cooperation and publish everything we know." http://current.com/shows/the-young-turks/videos/michael-hastings-obama-has-clearly-declared-war-on-the-press …


Remembering Michael Hastings--a journalist who practiced actual journalism. http://bit.ly/11mY9qV 


Michael Hastings Dead at 33 http://rol.st/13RnYPJ  via @rollingstone @cenkuygur,I would call Michael a Freedom Fighter,he was one of a kind!


Cenk on Michael Hastings' reporting in Afghanistan and the NATO security...: http://youtu.be/rh4lJozXm68  @cenkuygur <== this made me cry


What I'll remember about Michael Hastings - true courage.If you think it was easy taking on the whole power establishment, you have no idea.


@cenkuygur Hastings fought for truth, there is no more noble fight then that.




A beautiful and moving tribute to the late Michael Hastings from @BuzzFeedBen. http://ow.ly/mb6Wc 


Journalist Michael Hastings Killed in Car Accident; A Look Back at His Interviews on Democracy Now! http://owl.li/mb7bK 


Michael Hastings' final article was on Democrats & the NSA stories http://www.buzzfeed.com/mhastings/why-democrats-love-to-spy-on-americans …


RT @ggreenwald: Michael Hastings' final article was on Democrats & the NSA stories http://bit.ly/12agHGk 


Great remembrance from @BuzzFeedBen of Michael Hastings, really capturing what made him a special journalist http://www.buzzfeed.com/bensmith/missing-michael-hastings …


I am shocked and saddened by the death of Michael Hastings. My heart goes out to his wife and his family.


My piece at The Nation on death of Michael Hastings, and tributes to him. http://bit.ly/12abOgw 


This is true and big hearted. @BuzzFeedBen on why @mmhastings mattered http://www.buzzfeed.com/bensmith/missing-michael-hastings …"


Love this line from Hastings: “Everyone knows I’m an asshole,” he said. “The point is that they’re assholes.” http://bit.ly/11Nlcrw 


The sort of shit Michael Hastings made people say: McChrystal's Media Soldiers Strike Back http://www.fair.org/blog/2010/06/28/mcchrystals-media-soldiers-strike-back/ …



NYT's John Burns criticized Max Hastings for his "unfortunate impact" on press/military relations in Afghanistan: http://bit.ly/adlXw8  (1)


"Nothing makes a sell-out more uncomfortable than someone who refuses to be bought." Michael Hastings, RIP. http://bit.ly/1asVTSe 


You could tell what kind of reporter Michael Hastings was by what kind of reporter hated him. http://bit.ly/102EV8Y  http://bit.ly/16gtADm 


@mlcalderone: Gen. McChrystal tells me he's not making any comments on the death of Michael Hastings.”


Poignant but ultimately inspiring obit on Michael Hastings, journalist who refused to cozy up to power http://m.rollingstone.com/?redirurl=/politics/news/michael-hastings-rolling-stone-contributor-dead-at-33-20130618 … He was only 33


Michael Hastings Dies at 33; Fearless Journalist Challenged Power and Exposed Myths of Afghan War http://owl.li/mbzKr 


Michael Hastings was an epic shit disturber who never bowed before the throne of the powerful. We will miss you dearly, brother. RIP.


Of Michael Hastings and David Brooks. A piece I wrote a few years ago: http://www.thenation.com/blog/36660/david-brooks-king-kvetching …


Michael Hastings 1980 - 2013: One of The Last Real Journalists http://bit.ly/11ZiAtH 


Remembering my friend Michael Hastings & addressing his journalistic critics. http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guardian.co.uk%2Fcommentisfree%2F2013%2Fjun%2F19%2Fmichael-hastings-friend-enemies&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNHFR8Uab1tpepYwd5HWGRiEnhbo2w …


.@southsouth @AliAbunimah I wonder if Hastings would not reel in horror at the bylines of those lionizing his anti-establishment attitude.


Michael Hastings exposed the Afghanistan war as a fool's endeavor led by a maniacal egoist surrounded by a cult of sycophants and careerists



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