Bradley Manning Verdict 1 - Wed Jul 31 11:52:09 JST 2013

Mood among #Manning supporters outside Fort Meade: he's going down, big time #WikiLeaks


Bradley #Manning Verdict Expected Today at 1pm ET; Trial to Enter Sentencing Phase 


#FreeBradleyManning support group scheduled 90min vigil in front of Ft Meade’s main gate ahead of verdict  #ActForBrad


The vigil for Bradley Manning prior to verdict continues - follow coverage here: … #FreeBrad


More supporters of Pfc Manning at a morning vigil outside Ft Meade before the verdict is read


I wonder how many more liberals would be outraged at treatment of Bradley #Manning had it been Bush instead of Obama treating him this way


US v. Pfc. #Manning | Breakdown of the imminent Verdict … by @carwinb


Oh & if you are making light of how the Obama admin has treated #Manning, read this & then feel ashamed: …


Waiting for the Manning Verdict by @TNYCloseRead aka Amy Davidson: …


We are moving #Manning


#BradleyManning verdict expected today. 'Aiding enemy' charge would be travesty of justice. We'll keep you posted 


From the archives: "Turning Their Back on #BradleyManning: Whistleblower speaks--but press doesn't listen …


"#BradleyManning deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom." –@ChMadar #ThankYouBradley


Much press expected at Bradley Manning trial. Follow @carwinb @onearmedmaninc @kgosztola @charlie_savage, among few who will get it right.


Situated in press pool-- I took an opening in the press line. Car in front going 5 miles p/hr. I'm here. They aren't yet. #Manning


#ThankYouBradley "for giving our foreign policy elite the public supervision it so badly needs" from @ChMadar's book )


Made into the media center. There's line of press outside waiting to get in after having their items inspected. #Manning


#ThankYouBradley "for exposing pathological over-classification of America's public documents" from @ChMadar's book: 


#ThankYouBradley for "doing more than any American alive to advance the cause of freedom abroad" –@ChMadar


I'll be checking in with @democracynow at some point this afternoon to give updates on verdict in Bradley Manning's trial


Was contacted by @therealnews to also do an interview on verdict in Bradley Manning's trial too


Watch: Democracy Now! Live Coverage of the #BradleyManning Verdict at 1pm EDT. Stream at  Info: 


Dear media producers, judge will begin reading verdict in #Manning trial at 1pm ET. There's nothing to report if you arrange interview then


#ThankYouBradley for "upholding an American tradition of transparency in statecraft" –@ChMadar


#FF @mgsledge @kgosztola @onearmedmaninc @carwinb @xeni @nathanLfuller for #Manning Verdict


From December, 2011: Bradley Manning deserves our gratitude and a medal, not life in prison …


Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler on why the "aiding the enemy" charge against Manning is so dangerous 


No justice for Bradley Manning  2011, by @charliearchy


Bradley Manning is only 25, and has spent most of his 20s incarcerated, including cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. That's sacrifice


Who aided the enemy here? The Army airmen chortling over the deaths of civilians? Or the soldier who told the world? …


#ThankYouBradley for revealing how the United States uses debt as a weapon against developing nations -,8596.0.html …


Bradley Manning's plea to lesser-included offenses: … would've put in jail for up to 20 years, wasn't enough for Govt.


March 2011 charge sheet against Bradley Manning: … Which judge allowed Govt to change last week 


PAO tells us judge "tired of press' shenanigans." No more outbursts, clapping, high fives or otherwise "unprofessional behavior." #Manning


New PAO Officer says that people cannot leave media operations center to file outside, while Court is in session. #Manning


Our live coverage of the Bradley #Manning verdict starts at 1pm EDT. Stream at . 


Here's the Guardian's live-blog on the Manning verdict, expected at 1 pm ET …


Ugh RT @nathanLfuller Internet down for last 10 mins at least. We will not be allowed to live tweet the verdict.


Internet is very up and down. #Manning


The max punishment on attempt for Charge II, Spec 2 thru 16 is same as MAX for greater offense... #Manning


Spec 12, Charge II is the Cablegate database-- the MAX for greater is 10 years, LIO is 5 years (it is a non military database). #Manning


Follow @carwinb @onearmedmaninc @kgosztola @nathanlfuller for live verdict in Manning trial. They're remaining in media ops, I'm in court.


The names and information for the expected 13 USG sentencing witnesses with classified testimony …


US v. Pfc. Manning | Breakdown on the imminent Verdict …


Internet down for last 10 mins at least. We will not be allowed to live tweet the verdict. Press ability to file will be restrained #Manning


Ft Meade tells us we're not allowed to run out to file when the verdict is read. NBC: so we can't leave? Ft Meade: we'll make determination


20 minutes until Judge Lind is expected to announce her verdict. #freebrad #manning #wikileaks #justice


If #Manning is found not guilty of Aiding the Enemy and guilty of everything else, he faces 154 years in jail.


Does the military consider the public the enemy? We find out today. #freebrad #wikileaks #justice #Manning


New rule: press cannot get up to pee while judge is reading the verdict in Bradley Manning's trial #nomoreshenanigans


Watch our live coverage of the #BradleyManning verdict at 1pm EDT. Stream at  Info: 


The internet is choked in here. MDW, Fort Meade have called Comcast. So, good luck to posting shit. I can't even send emails @harrysiegel


Will call email everyone when I can.


The PAO officer just told journalists they should go to the bathroom now. Ridiculous.


We are about to go into session. See you on the flip side. #Manning


Bradley Manning verdict - live blog here …


Stream our live coverage of #BradleyManning verdict now at  via @Livestream


Wolf Blitzer says #BradleyManning supporters believe he was just naive. Have you ever heard a single supporter call this hero naive?


No MSNBC coveage of Manning verdict so far. Democracy Now! doing livestream.


CNN is debating "how much" damage #BradleyManning did despite the lack of any evidence he did any



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