Bradley Manning Verdict 2 - Wed Jul 31 15:27:33 JST 2013

Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy


NOT GUILTY of "aiding the enemy" #Manning


A tiny sliver of justice RT @nathanLfuller Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy


Wolf Blitzer ignorantly tells us "aiding the enemy" is how Manning can get life in prison, even though in reality he can get that without it


BREAKING: Bradley #Manning has been found NOT GUILTY of aiding the enemy, the most serious of the 21 contested charges facing him.


When Manning leaked docs, WH/Obama admin warned Iraqis/Afghans cited as working with US would be killed. Today they can't name one who was.

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) _ US Army Pfc Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to WikiLeaks.


Here is the verdict. #Manning


Aiding the Enemy-- NOT GUILTY


Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Pub. Guilty #Manning


Bradley Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy. Good. It would have been a farce if he had been


NOT Guilty of Aiding the Enemy #freebrad #verdict #Manning


Breaking: #Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy but convicted of multiple other counts. More soon.


BREAKING: US Army Pfc Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to WikiLeaks.


Spec II, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder #Manning


Bradley Manning found guilty of 19 counts, 4 of which were his lesser included pleas


BREAKING: Live Coverage of Bradley Manning Verdict; #Manning Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy … @democracynow


MSNBC: #Manning not guilty for aiding the enemy.


Spec 3, Charge II CIA Red Cell Memo 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 years MAX)


#BradleyManning not guilty on "aiding the enemy" but guilty on much else according to CNN which falsely says this avoids risk of life in p


So weird how most people who claim "I'd respect Snowden's acts if he hadn't fled" don't apply that to Bradley Manning


#BradleyManning NOT GUILTY of "Aiding the Enemy" via @kgosztola #FreeBrad 


Spec 4, Charge II Iraq War Logs Database 641 GUILTY (10 years MAX) #Manning


Manning not guilty of "aiding the enemy". Guilty on five counts of violating the espionage act. …


Spec 5, Charge II Iraq War Logs Espionage 793(e) GUILTY (10 years) #Manning


Manning guilty of five counts violating espionage act. Live blog here: … #Manning


Spec 6, Charge II Afghan War Diray Database 641 GUILTY (10 years) #Manning


Manning was found GUILTY of wantonly causing to be published intelligence on the Internet


Spec 7, Charge II Afghan War Diary Espionage 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)


Bradley Manning found guilty on other charges and faces spending his life in prison. He wanted a debate on US foreign policy. Let's have it.


Spec 8, Charge II GTMO Files Database 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)


Spec 9, Charge II GTMO File 793(e) Espionage GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)


Watching @democracynow livestream #BradleyManning …


Spec 10, Charge II Farah Records 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 Years Max)


Spec 11, Charge II Garani Video 793(e) NOT GUILTY #Manning


LIVE: Journalist @GregMitch giving his reaction to the #BradleyManning verdict being released now. Stream at 


Spec 12, Charge II Cablegate database 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)


Bradley Manning convicted on five counts under the Espionage Act, the law passed in 1917 to punish opponents of World War I.


Spec 13, Charge II Cablegate CFAA Exceed Auth Access GUILTY #Manning (10 Years)


Bradley Manning is found guilty of enough charges to potentially be put in prison for over 100 years.


#Manning should be charged with aiding the citizen, spurring leaking and debate over #privacy #torture #war


What is your reaction to the #BradleyManning verdict so far? Reply at #DNlive. Stream our live special at . #breaking


Spec 14, Charge II Reykjavik 13 GUILTY to his LIO ('knowingly accessing') #Manning (2 years MAX)


Spec 15, Charge II USACIC Memo on WikiLeaks 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 tears MAX)


Spec 16, Charge II Microsoft Exchange GAL 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)


Charge III (Article 92) Spec 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GUILTY (2 years MAX each, TOTAL MAX 10 years) #Manning


I'm on Democracy Now w/ Scahill re: Manning verdict.


Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Publication (Which #Manning was found guilty of is 2 years MAX-- see below)


Spec 2, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder #Manning <-- See below this is 2 years MAX)



"Without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public." --Bradley Manning 


Follow @carwinb who is breaking down the charges on which #Manning was convicted and the potential years he could face imprisoned.


Manning faces 136 year MAX punishment on the crimes he was found GUILTY-- sentencing begins tomorrow.


Bradley Manning guilty of Computer Fraud (10 years) for using wget


Can't believe Judge Lind convicted Manning of using WGET instead of Firefox. computer literacy/age issue. #freebrad #wikileaks #manning


Corporate media coverage of #BradleyManning trial "utterly shameful"-- @jeremyscahill on @democracynow


LIVE: "Corporate media coverage of the #Manning trial has been utterly shameful," says reporter @JeremyScahill. Watch 


Democracy Now! livestream on Manning verdict with @GregMitch and @jeremyscahill 


Anyone know if Manning's sentence includes time-served? Or will that be determined later?


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@attackerman includes time served. FYI if he gets 10 years they subtract time served from the 10.


I am going back into the funeral of a young man. #Manning


Bradley Manning found GUILTY of six Espionage Act offenses (including lesser included offenses)


Bradley Manning Found Guilty Of 19 Counts, Not Guilty Of Aiding The Enemy" #Manning


Bradley Manning NOT GUILTY of violating Espionage Act by releasing Garani video


Bradley Manning GUILTY of four embezzlement of govt property offenses


Corporate media #BradleyManning failure: Trial coverage vs. royal baby coverage … #DNlive part of indymedia solution


If #Snowden's following #Manning slaughter, he should rest absolutely assured that he didn't make disclosures from the claws of US.


"Won the battle, not the war" - Live from Ft Meade -- now it's time to chop down the sentences #freebrad #Manning


LIVE: @birgittaj responds to #Manning verdict. Stream our special broadcast at .


My updated book w/ @kgosztola still only one that follows Bradley Manning case from original leaks to current trial. 


Govt accused Manning of leaking Garani video in 2009 as part of effort to implicate WL more deeply in his leaks. He was found innocent.


"#Manning not guilty of ‘aiding the enemy’, convicted on 19 counts" @SaveBradley.  #IndictObama #IndictBush


Should be those in power facing time. Not the #whistleblowers who reveal their crimes. #Manning 


.@kgosztola talking to @democracynow from #Manning verdict; did not expect "aiding the enemy" acquittal: …


LIVE: Journalist @kgosztola is reporting from reading of verdict in #BradleyManning trial now. Stream at .


Not happy about Bradley Manning verdict. Of course, he wasn't guilty of aiding the enemy. They overcharge & get 19 convictions anyway.


@kgosztola are u still outside the media room? Can we interview u now?


Manning could face life in prison even though govt. never proved he harmed anybody! #FreeBradleyManning


My Nation piece on Manning verdict, more updates and reaction to come. And Democracy Now feed there. 


Relieved that he was acquitted of aiding the enemy, and totally outraged that Bradley Manning was convicted of Espionage.


Manning sentence on Tuesday should be -- time served. He's already served enough time and been abused enough. #FreeBradleyManning


#BradleyManning found guilty of theft & espionage for exposing war crimes. Trial verdict a travesty of justice. #ThankBradley @SaveBradley


Convictions on Espionage Act are absurd. It rewards maniacal Obama admin. overcharging. Who did he do espionage for -- the American people?


Bradley #Manning: Found guilty for exposing war crimes. Denied public interest defence. Trial verdict a travesty of justice. @SaveBradley


@cenkuygur They want to kill national defence journalism so they're using Bradley Manning as a message to not cross them, it's sickening


@cenkuygur It took almost 3 years for his trial, during his detainment it was tortured. Where's the justice? #FreeManning.


@cenkuygur They knew they wouldnt get aiding the enemy, so they overloaded on other charges to get the sentence they wanted. #BradleyManning


@cenkuygur "Will you pardon Bradley Manning as soon as you take oath of office?" should be a litmus test for 2016 presidential race.


Here is the verdict. PIC #Manning faces 136 years Maximum Punishment. Sentencing begins tomorrow 9:30am


.@democracynow is livestreaming #Manning's trial and verdict. Listen + watch here: . @kgosztola currently on air


George Zimmerman is free and Bradley Manning might get a life sentence. #NoJustice #Manning #FreeBradleyManning


Can't be too happy about #Manning verdict. 'Aiding the Enemy' was charged for this purpose: make the rest seem reasonable and honourable.


Via @carwinb, sentencing for #Manning begins tomorrow 930am


Bradley Manning's sentencing trial begins tomorrow. No minimums required and new evidence allowed. This fight is far from over.


LIVE: We get reaction to #BradleyManning verdict from @medeabenjamin of @codepink at protest outside Ft. Meade. Watch 


Does anyone honestly believe Bradley Manning was not a whistleblower? Can anyone really believe that he meant to commit espionage? #Manning


Tune in to @BBCWorld for more LIVE #Manning coverage. @ChMadar on @BBCWorld in 5 mins/ 1400hrs EST 


.@cenkuygur After seeing what the Obama admin did to #BradleyManning I'd like to hold a moment of silence to wish #EdwardSnowden godspeed.


@cenkuygur Manning's sentencing will become the standard for future heroes. It's so sick. Manning is a hero for god's sake.


@cenkuygur The danger behind all these verdicts is that soon we'll have less Bradley Manning's and more George Zimmerman's.


@cenkuygur Exposing war crimes is not a crime.


@cenkuygur Of course he should be released! He revealed war crimes. Those people should be on trial not him. #FreeBradleyManning


LIVE: @medeabenjamin: verdict "sends a chill down the spine" of future whistleblowers who want to expose wrongdoing. 


"#BradleyManning has a heavy weight on his shoulders" @MedeaBenjamin on @democracynow #Manning post-verdict live feed 


Bradley Manning Zindabad!


Technical difficulties getting normal postings up on @firedoglake. I was on @democracynow's live program to get updates out just now.


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#Manning: 136 yrs maximum punishment. #MessageSent


Bradley Manning could spend 100 years in prison. From his cell, he'll watch the slow but eventual collapse of Imperium.


Manning's statement releases statement: 


Whatever happens in the sentencing phase, that US govt could not prove that Manning was "aiding the enemy" is a crack in the consensus.


ACLU statement on Manning verdict: 


LIVE: "I am totally outraged," says @nathanLfuller of Bradley Manning Support Network.  @savebradley


im on dn right now Bradley Manning Verdict  @democracynow


A little Neruda for Bradley Manning: "freedom and the sea will make their answer to the shuttered heart."


Bradley Manning Found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy: Army Pfc. Bradley Manning has been found guilty by a mil... 


Judge issues verdict in Bradley Manning's trial: not guilty of 'aiding the enemy' (live updates) 


Bradley Manning conviction was inevitable. Imperium is not familiar with justice: CEO crooks walk free, truth teller goes to the slammer.


Legal Subject Matter Confirms. 136 Years MAX Punishment. cc @RTLondonBureau @RTLondonBureau #Manning


Military legal expert confirms @carwinb's math: max punishment of 136 years


Press going over judge's verdict again w/ legal matter expert. He reads thru & confirms #Manning faces 136 yrs max punishment


Bradley Manning stays in jail; Steven Cohen (SAC) throws a party; Summers to Fed; Ray Kelley to Homeland Security; Trayvon Martin still dead


Names and information for the expected 13 USG sentencing witnesses with classified testimony #Manning …


What Bradley Manning did is so much less an outrage against the US Constitution than what the NSA does routinely.


Bradley Manning was trying to save lives. Verdict hardly a victory. Should be pardoned for defending the rule of law and unarmed civilians


LIVE: Attorney @justleft: #BradleyManning should never been charged & not made whistleblowing equatable w/ espionage. 


How generous of Lind - reduce Manning's sentence by 112 days for enduring torture at the hands of the state


Bradley Manning Is Facing A 136 Year Sentence:  via @YouTube


LIVE: @justleft: #Manning is one of many young people saying we have to debate what our gov't is doing in secret. 


Public Affairs has told me they expect to have the verdict posted to the FOIA reading room by this evening. #Manning


.@OwenJones84: 'There is an important moral victory in this verdict. Manning is a whistleblower, not a traitor' 


Teaser video of film on Bradley Manning, ….


We should all be inspired by Bradley Manning’s courage to hold power to account. My @indyvoices piece 


Tune in Wednesday for continued coverage of the #BradleyManning verdict. Stream live 8-9am ET 


Today's #Manning verdict reveals U.S. government's misplaced priorities. Our full statement: 


@cenkuygur The spin now is he didn't get Aiding the Enemy, so the sentence is reasonable. He was convicted of Espionage!!!


Ethan McCord, whose platoon arrived to see the carnage from the Apache helicopters, spoke out for Bradley Manning, ….


Why Bradley Manning deserves our gratitude: @OwenJones84 in @IndyVoices - 


Ethan McCord in Incident in New Baghdad (2012), a film about that war crime, …. Revealed thanks to Bradley Manning.


Ethan McCord, who arrived to see Apache carnage in Baghdad, stands for Bradley Manning. But Justice System does not.


ACLU issues statement on #Manning verdict … #freebrad #wikileaks #justice


Who do you think would get more US press coverage if they were facing a life sentence - Bradley Manning or Peyton Manning? #Wikileaks


ACLU, Amnesty International criticize Manning verdict and trial …


Amnesty Int'l statement on Manning verdict, plus ACLU and Manning family statements: 


Amnesty International responds to #Manning verdict: "government's priorities are 'upside down'" … #freebrad #WikiLeaks


Bradley Manning Coverage: Networks Move On Quickly After Verdict  via @HuffPostMedia


Is Judge Denise Lind Bradley #Manning’s Biggest Enemy? | Alexa O'Brien (@carwinb) … #FreeBrad


The answer to that question (my last tweet is yes). #Manning


@vijayprashad: Bradley Manning stays in jail; Steven Cohen (SAC) throws a party; Summers to Fed; Ray Kelley to... 


Well put: RT @cenkuygur: George Zimmerman is free and Bradley Manning might get a life sentence. #NoJustice #Manning #FreeBradleyManning


Our current splash sums up how cable news seemed to feel about the Bradley Manning verdict


What does one make of this, these Robin Hood Brigands, who wish to "cleanse" Iraq and region, ….?


The Two Big Precedents in the Manning Verdict: …


We are repeating our 90 minute #BradleyManning special show here: 


Kill a black teenager and you walk free. Expose war crimes and face a lifetime in jail. USA, 2013. #zimmerman #manning #WikiLeaks


Thank you, Bradley Manning, for everything you've done for your country the world. The way you have been treated is shameful. #Manning


Up to 136 prison years for #BradleyManning. But the soldier who stole the life of an Iraqi father, gunned down in cold blood, remains free


Full transcript of judge's rulings in Manning case just released: 


I've heard there was once an idea of America based on liberty and justice. If it ever existed, #bradleymanning is a hero to that America


As always, great chat with Warren Olney just now for his national "To the Point" PRI radio show, on Manning case.


Quick question: How many years did the guy who killed the journalists and citizens in the Apache helicopter video released by Manning get?


"MANNING VERDICT BLOW FOR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AND ITS SOURCES" - Reporters w/o Borders,44995.html … #freebrad #wikileaks


Bradley Manning's sentence will be reduced a full 112 days (wow) because of this little thing …


Reporters Without Borders: Manning's conviction "is "dangerous"- "a blow of investigative journalism and its sources",44995.html …


Special findings are drafted and will be released at some point in future @emptywheel


#Manning Found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy, Guilty on 19 Counts … @CandiceBernd #BradleyManning


America’s war on patriots … via @Salon


Converse of this ( ): those who claim "I'd respect Manning's act if he'd read every document" don't apply it to Snowden


A wretched group: those who love to say "oh, I agree we need more transparency," but then contrive excuses to attack everyone who brings it


Jeffrey Toobin just now on CNN: What Bradley Manning did "was a horrendous crime." And doesn't care why he did it or results.


Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to Expose War Crimes …


"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals" #Manning #Snowden


Does anyone really believe that if Bradley Manning had committed war crimes instead of exposing them that he would be in bigger trouble?


ACLU on Manning prosecution: "seems clear that the government was seeking to intimidate" future whistleblowers …


Full statement to @GuardianUS on verdict from Bradley #Manning's family … #WikiLeaks


Bradley #Manning has been found guilty of violating the Espionage Act. Learn the disgraceful history of this law. 


Those claiming Manning will be sentenced tomorrow all wrong. Arguments will go on for 2-3 weeks, as Gosztola says: 


Bradley Manning Verdict Breakdown:  via @YouTube


Just released my interview with @carwinb Alexa O'Brien outside of the Bradley Manning court hearing …


Manning trial exemplifies how politics/ideology - not national security concerns - dictate today's prosecutions …


Breakdown of Bradley #Manning verdict with @kgosztola in Fort Meade (video) … #FreeBrad #Wikileaks


You aren't seeing tweets because I am doing a lot of media right now. Also, sorry to @therealnews - working things out right now


Adrian Lamo @6 tells @guardianus he's pleased 'aiding t enemy' failed but adds #Manning was "guilty as hell" of other charges #WikiLeaks


Manning going to jail while those whose violent war crimes he exposed face "no disciplinary action" …


Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola who has been covering the Bradley Manning trial from the very onset gives us a breakdown …


just released 2 videos from #FreeBrad #Manning trail today 1 w/ @kgosztola … other w/ @carwinb …


.@jeremyscahill on media coverage of Bradley Manning …


@ggreenwald @jeremyscahill I basically agree, but will say this: Jodi Arias had *cameras in the courtroom*, which is no small thing.



@ggreenwald @jeremyscahill Arias got orders of magnitude more coverage than Whitey Bulger for same reason.


@chrislhayes @ggreenwald we filed a lawsuit to challenge the secrecy and closed nature of the trial. We fought months. MSNBC didn't join us


@jeremyscahill @ggreenwald good point.


@chrislhayes @jeremyscahill I think grievance if usually more about what doesn't get covered than what does - latter is proxy to complain


@chrislhayes @ggreenwald if cable news was serious in covering Manning case, they would have challenged the absurd secrecy surrounding trial


What's weird about lack of Manning media coverage isn't just that it's newsworthy but prosecution theories affect all journalists & sources


My piece last month with partial list of vital info Bradley Manning revealed via his leaks: 


.@ggreenwald Mainstream media in the US: so thick in the head they lack even basic survival instincts.


Here's the full transcript of the judge's verdict in Bradley Manning's trial. She did not read her reasoning. …


.@Amnesty: Bradley #Manning case shows that US government's priorities are 'upside down' …


Clip of Jeremy Scahill slamming media coverage of Manning trial, and I join in, on Democracy Now today. 


Verdict in an Official Press Release from Military District of Washington (PDF) … #Manning


Stand with Bradley Manning! Write him a letter of support! … #freebrad #wikileaks #justice


Bradley Manning, the "collateral murder" video, and other leaked docs put Assange and Wikileaks on the map @gregmitch 


Tonight @ 8E/5P: @FaizaPatelBCJ & @thenation's @ChMadar join @JohnFugelsang to discuss how Bradley Manning is a 'convenient scapegoat'


Clip of my appearance on Warren Olney's national radio show today re: Manning. …




NYT editorial just up on Manning verdict--they call for only "moderate" sentence. 


Manning found not guilty on "aiding the enemy." That's 'cause who he was aiding was us, the American people. And we're not the enemy. Right?